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If you’re selling something, you’ll be wanting to think about the advantages and disadvantages of selling locally and abroad and even adapt your product a bit to meet requirements.  In business the right approach will help you develop a whole new customer base. Investigate customers and their requirements, and learn what your competitors are offering. If you’re trading overseas, make sure you understand the implications. For instance, how will you organise transport of your product and what payment methods you’ll use, not to mention the risk of non-payment!

making money with international trading
Do you have a website, because you can sell directly from your website. Selling direct gives you a lot of control but maybe you’ll need a marketing and distribution team if you think you may battle with language and cultural barriers. Using a distributor can be a quick way into your new market, whether locally or abroad, but then there’s the disadvantage of losing direct control of your sales and marketing. I always say keep up a regular communication channel with your customers even if it is just a courtesy call because it gives you the change to keep in touch with market conditions and developments . On your website you can also welcome some feedback from new and old customers.