Save cash while travelling

You will generally save for spending when on vacation. This is the normal way of doing things. You will not worry about how expensive the food is or how expensive the hotel is. It is not the time to save but the time for enjoyment. However there is so much at stake in these troubled times that I am forced to tell you about very simple tricks to enjoy your vacations and save too. Here are 5 simple ways which will keep your bank balance good even after a long vacation.

  • Rent a house or apartment for stay instead of a hotel – If you really want to enjoy the vacations, it is advisable to rent a house or apartment. It is economical and you will enjoy the stay with more freedom. No cameras and you will save almost daily on the hotel rooms. Try this on your next vacation and save and enjoy your savings.
  • Avoid eating out at restaurants – Of course you will like to try the local cuisine. But daily eating at the restaurant can cause havoc with your digestive system. Once you have the rented house, buy some provisions and start cooking home meals. You will save the cash and also will be healthy to enjoy your time out.
  • Avoid buying drinking water – Generally you will drink bottled water on vacation. Use the facilities at your rented house. It will have a water purifier. Just carry a flask along with the water. In emergency cases only buy the bottled drinking water. The habit is Eco-friendly and also saves money.
  • Use the Metro transport – When compared to taxi , the local transport is almost one-tenth of the cost. Just try using these to save money and also enjoy the flavor of the locality.
  • Use smart phone apps for saving – Yes this I did the last time I was travelling. Many apps will give discounts for their promotion. Just download get the discount and remove. It is not cheating anyways.