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Never underestimate the power of corporate social responsibility. Not only is it your chance to give back to the world, it can actually affect your company in a more direct fashion. A study showed that about 42% of how good people think a company is based on their CSR related activities. It’s no surprise that most of the biggest companies in the world (Sony, Apple, Microsoft) have enormous CSR departments.

There are a number of ways through which you could get involved in CSR. You have to keep your company and your company’s values in mind while determining your CSR plans. You cannot randomly pick a scheme and go with it, for it will not gel with your employees otherwise. Depending on the kind of work you wish to be involved in, you can either make donations to charitable organizations, conduct some philanthropic work, increase awareness, etc.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In fact, if you want to focus on your company and not outside, you could try taking up hazard elimination- a CSR strategy through which you agree to eliminate all harmful and unethical business and other practices from your company.

You should also press the refresh button on your CSR strategies every once in few years, so that you can stay ahead of the game.