I was reading an interesting article on the best designs for office spaces that discusses differing theories on the layout of the office and what sort of positives you can get from different layouts. The open office is often cited as having benefits however recent studies have stated that it can also diminish productivity and creativity. Some of the criticisms that the studies target are personal space improving productivity and noise levels increasing stress levels in workplaces. I can only agree with these in some cases, I mean who wants to be in a loud cafeteria performing work when you can have both meeting places and your own personal space.

office spaces - the dreaded cubicle

I’m not sure exactly what I would prefer but there has to be something in between that would be suitable for people to both concentrate and have their own space and also have public areas that they can work together whenever they feel like it. Why does it have to be one or the other? I’m not sure if I really buy the whole extreme layout changes but I could be wrong and perhaps there are some significantly innovative building layouts out there that are being slowly implemented. Regardless the old boring cubicle needs a serious makeover.