Behind every great company is a great human resources department. Every strong business is built on the foundation of principles, a mission statement, financial goals and the support of a healthy human resources department.

A recent article discussed whether we should rely on human resources. Do we need to designate people to handling our own paperwork? Do HR representatives offer more support than filing paperwork and lending an ear to our workplace grievances?

The answer is yes. HR departments provide the structure and support of an organization. They hold employees to ethical standards and smooth out the rough patches in the business environment.


Consider the challenges start-ups and small- and medium-sized companies have. These include sorting out employee perks such as health benefits, retirement plans and paid holidays. Human Resources address these issues.

The same department can act as a buffer for conflicts between management. They can enforce drug evaluations. They secure severance packages and collect personal data such as bank account information for direct deposits.

But employees can also land on the short end of the stick. HR representatives are responsible for laying people off, dismissing employees and making executive decisions as to who is hired and who is hired. They can keep information confidential, or choose to share it with management.

Successful businesses would never be just that if it weren’t for a professional HR department. As an employee, lean on them when necessary and remember that they are the liaison to a positive career.