A lot of people think that it’s better to keep the math in-house and not let anybody see that they know how to count because if clients know how to count, it’s bad news for the business. in fact, the opposite is true. It’s better to explain the math to clients than to have them guessing, and it is definitely better than taking up a lot of time explaining nothing or that you don;t understand what you do. Showing your client the math builds confidence, and that is essential to making the right kind of business relationship that is beneficial to everybody.

The most essential part of working life is building the proper business relationship for your client, even though they are a part of it themselves. Jeep in mind that the information and flow of information that governs any relationship will be subject to certain abstract definitions predefined by the nature of business and the style of communication of a certain office environment. That said, increasingly, clients seek more information in a an ever increasing climate of information autonomy and the Internet. Although it’s not wise to be bullied by the Internet, it’s best to maintain a demeanor that acknowledges the newer lines of free information that are currently accessible. Following that, it will be necessary to highlight how you are different, and that is becoming increasingly simple. Simplicity and mathematics are increasingly important for explaining the benefit of a business relationship as Clients are increasingly reluctant to trust things they don’t understand.
So, in closing, if you are doing calculations regarding the a client portfolio, it’s always best to take one second and explain exactly what information means, and how it will legitimize your efforts.

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