Managing data is a bit like knowing how to go to the refrigerator of your home or apartment – the main idea is that you can do it in the dark but that when it is dark, you might not want to do it. The question of necessary data management requirements by government entities assumes that the consumption levels of businesses will be healthy if told when it;s good or bad to go to the fridge. For example, the government doesn’t want people going to the fridge at night unless they are selling junk food. and only in your dreams will you get any true health benefit from the junk that governments sell. In turn, if a government doesn’t sell junk, but only sells healthy items and a healthy lifestyle, you can assume that you will have a higher price per release of data, but that you won;t have to report so often.

The key is setting an independent schedule of when to gather and organize your data and be sure to have that in compliance with government standards when requested. The government is like a house-guest – they come for a few a days, its very expensive to have them, and they eat a lot of food from your kitchen. Sound fair – well, it is, at the very least, reasonable, if you have the time and money to cover the expenses. However, for those smaller businesses, it;s best to set meals and times and then see that the government has some time to pick up their own snacks if need be. Of course, also have a few cheap items laying around of they come calling. For example, if your are having a significantly good year, many data managers advise keeping better records in that year because it is more likely that a government will seek you for more money. They assume that you might have leftovers from such a strong year – fair or not fair, this is life.

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