It’s rare that a break is necessary for good business although it is the nature of machinery, hence modern business, that there should be a cooling period or flawless machinery. Now, since w2e have nearly flawless machinery, when is a cooling period necessary.
The loss over time is fine if the returns will be assured more than the loss – that is, for those patient individuals who can see that a day off is a good thing for anybody, taking a day off from business is a apart of business.
But, what of those people that rely on days off. How does that settle into the planning process for those around them. Holidays generally require certain people to continue working over breaks, although there are certain instances when the entire business would take a break, such as lunch time or various random variables throughout the day. It is, inevitably possible, at which time the business is vulnerable to the out-production of competition. That is, unless the business is seeking to have the competition outproduce it for a certain time to attain a better purchase rate for the goods. If a country is vulnerable to a situation whereby they are producing very little and buying a lot – they may need foreign investment or a cheap price for imported goods. if a country is currently seeking to expand luxury goods sales in imports and domestic goods in mass production, a break can be healthy for stimulating the markets. In this case, the country may benefit form a cooling period and receive an uptick in local capacity for production in flux.